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The development of intensive livestock farming has faced the Netherlands, and Eastern Brabant in particular, with healthcare risks which can no longer be denied. This is made all the more evident in the thorough scientific literature research by doctor Mariken Ruiter (Nistelrode, Brabant), a year-long project on behalf of the Brabant Environmental Federation.

Her report is the first to provide an overview of all the health-threatening aspects of livestock farming, which extend far beyond national boundaries. The report is a good resource for all those who wish to know more than what is generally reported in the media. Ruiter refers the reader to numerous reports and publications consulted by her, making this report a useful reference work as well.

This survey makes it obvious that fragmented policy aiming at technological solutions for intensive stock-farming is no longer adequate. Over the years, an opaque system of laws, regulations and licences has been introduced in which both the quality of rural life and public health have been overshadowed by the economic importance of livestock farming.

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